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Cost Effective Ads For EC Founders

Design, copywriting & audience targeting to optimize your ad spend

We analyze your ads + landing page with specific recommendations to improve performance

Make Every Dollar Count

There is no singular solution for Facebook ads. We design and tailor ad campaigns specifically for your EC project.


Use Your Budget More Efficiently

Do you know how to test different ad copy, creatives and audiences to find your winning combination for as little as $10 a day? 


Scale Ads The Right Way

We optimize and scale every campaign differently depending on your budget, audience targeting, past ad performance and statistics.

If you don’t get this step right, you will find your ad performance decreasing and ad spend increasing.

The median CTR of Facebook ads is decreasing by the year, falling from 2.36% in 2018 to just 1.11% in 2020.


Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

We have run ad campaigns for various EC niches with an average CTR of 5.21%.

Service Packages For EC Founders

Prices shown in USD

Quick Start


A one-off service for a complete set up of a low budget ad campaign done for you.


$395/mth + 10% ad budget

Full-service ad management for lead gen only, includes everything in Quick Start, plus:

Ad management (SALES)

$595/mth + 10% ad budget

Full-service ad management for post-launch products, includes everything in Quick Start, plus:



30 mins Zoom consultation call to analyse your ad performance and provide specific advice for better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A well-designed ad can improve your CTR rate by as much as 3x. It is literally the face of your product and is the first thing people will see, so it needs to be good enough to stop them scrolling, read your caption, and click through your link.

We don’t use templates for our ad designs. Each and every ad is different, designed specifically using the product renders we get, as well as the audience you want to reach. We carefully consider every aspect of an ad design including colours, layout, choice of fonts etc in order to increase brand perception.

In our experience, 500K – 1M is the ideal size for low budget testing campaigns. It’s big enough for Facebook’s algorithm to optimise (and for you to scale later on), but small enough so that you don’t need a massive budget to generate results.

Firstly,  you will need to calculate your cost per reservation. Assuming your CPL is $2 and that 10% of your subscribers reserve your product:

Cost per reservation: (2*100)/10 = $20

Then, assuming 20% of your reservations actually follow-through with a purchase at launch, you calculate your Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA): (20*100)/20 = $100

That means you’re spending on average $100 to acquire a paying customer. To calculate if you’re profitable:

Profit = (Retail price) – (CPA) – (Cost of Goods incl. taxes & shipping)

If your profit is positive, then congrats you have found a profitable ad that you can now optimise and scale!

The industry average across all niches is USD $4.65 per lead, so this can serve as a guideline.

However, highly competitive markets tend to have higher CPLs

It’s a common misconception that video ads perform better than static image ads. We have never used video ads for the testing phase for a few reasons:

  1. Only a high quality professional video ad will produce significantly better results than image ads, but to achieve this you’ll either need a lot of time, or a lot of money.

  2. For the amount of time and money you spend on video ads, the return on investment is not significant enough to warrant this effort, especially when your campaign is still in the testing phase.

We recommend looking into video ads only if you have tried everything else and your CTR is still very low. 

Or, if you already have a winning ad campaign and have the extra time and budget to test something new, by all means try a video ad.


About Us

Ads by EC Landings is led by Jenny Chen, an EC founder with 5 years of professional background in social media marketing, graphic and web design.

With her experience in eCommerce, she creates high converting, cost effective lead generation ads for solopreneurs on a tight budget.

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