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Premium Plugins Included

$49 USD for $0 USD

The power of Elementor Pro is included in the cost of your package. On top of this, you’ll receive FREE yearly renewals of the plugin for 5 years. This saves you $250 USD!

$49 USD for $0 USD

The simplest, most powerful web optimization plugin in the market is included in every package. Your one-time payment also includes annual renewals of the plugin for 5 years, so you’ll be saving $250 USD. More information on How to Speed up elementor pages here

Check out the templates

All packages come with 4 tailor-made EC template options as well as the 300+ templates included in Elementor Pro.


Designed to convey a sober feel for an elegant product.
Check it out


Built for tech driven products, featuring more edgy display typography.
Check it out


Created with a clean, modern style designed to showcase a new product.
Check it out


Inspired by Mac's use of whitespace and focus on product design, this template is all about highlighting good design.
Check it out

The starter site includes all the essentials

Video tutorials (coming soon)

WordPress is a universe of its own and can become overwhelming. This is why I've prepared very short and sweet video tutorials that help you handle most elements of the site, without having to go down YouTube rabbit holes.

Image scaling and compression

A huge part of making a website perform well and load easily is keeping your page light. I've preconfigured a plugin to effortlessly take care of that for you- it will scale and compress your images and automatically serve them from a CDN.

Back up Plugin

If your site unexpectedly crashes, you could lose all your hard work in an instant. I've configured a lightweight back up plugin into the starter site, so that if the worst happens you can easily restore your work with just a few clicks.

Security plugin preconfigured

Using WordPress means you have to take care of the security of your own site and data. The starter site comes with a security plugin to fend off any unwanted cyber attacks. It's already configured and ready to go with one click.

Choose the perfect package

Every entrepreneur has different levels of expertise, so I’ve created something for everyone, whether you’re a complete newbie or coming with some experience.

If you already have a WP site.


You will get the premium plugins and template of your choice installed on your WP installation.
$ 98
ONE-TIME PAYMENT (no yearly renewals)
  • 4 EC templates
  • Elementor Pro + Wp Rocket
  • Video turorial
  • WP plugins preconfigured.

If you haven't bought your hosting yet.

Starter Site Plus

I will install WP, SSL certificate and the starter site to get you on your way fast.
$ 98
ONE-TIME PAYMENT (no yearly renewals)
  • Everything in the Plugins+Template package
  • Hosting Configuration
  • WP installation
  • SSL configuration
  • Starter Site installation
  • Domain specific email configuration (optional)

If you want a one-stop solution.


I will build the landing with you and make sure it looks pro. I'll also optimize your loading times.
$ 350
  • Everything in the Starter Site Plus package
  • Hands on tech and design consultation
  • Unique, tailor-made solution
  • Speed optimization
  • Copy review

EC entrepreneurs say

I can’t thank Juan enough for the work he has done for me. Being new to the EC community the thought of having to create my own website was terrifying. Juan went above and beyond to ensure I got my perfect landing page. He installed all the needed software, listened to my needs and used his expertise and experience to provide help and recommendations. Juan is the bridge between those ideas in your head and having your dream landing page. I couldn’t of got where I am today without his help, I have an awesome website and a friend for the rest of my journey!!
Craig Thompson
Juan is the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability. While clearly a veteran of his trade with all the technical accumen that comes along with that, he is equally down to earth enough to have a real conversation with a relative laymen without making one feel like a, well, laymen. 😉 ...that's an art (and indicative of a heart as well)! The whole process exceeded expectations as I have outsourced other projects in the past that did not seem to have the same element of ease, consideration, understanding, and collaboration...not to mention, timeliness! Juan genuinely cares about your project, takes pride in his work, and wants to create the best product possible for all parties involved. Don't waste another moment fussing around with something that just isn't your forte. Allow Juan to help you through the process, do the heavy lifting, but make you feel equipped and empowered throughout!
I'm a member of the EC Program and I reached phase three when I had to create my landing page to attract leads, and even though I thought I had some tech skills, all the dashboard, clicks, settings, etc., it all became overwhelming and I was stuck at some point. Fortunately someone referred Juan Raul to help me with the templates and support to speed up the creation of my landing page. The experience was great and the communication with him was 5 stars. I would definitively recommend other EC founders to be in touch with Juan Raul and benefit from his expertise
"I was really happy with the design of my website and it was exactly what I wanted. Juan was extremely responsive and eager to help in any needs I had. I also got a full suite of additional technical support in things such as speed optimization, backups and security. I would recommend his services to anyone keen to make a professional looking landing page."
Aidan Tierny

Frequently asked questions

A starter site is a pre-built WP website that has everything you need to keep it secure, fast and functioning. 

As a WP developer, I’ve been paying for WP software licensing for years and so I get massive discounts on prices. This lets me transfer the benefits to my clients and in this case other members of the EC community. 

Again, as a WP developer I’ve used many hosting providers and have finally found one that is incredibly fast, reliable, secure and has amazing service. I love it so much that I recommend it to all my clients. When you buy your plan through the link above I get a small commission that in no way increases your price. But it covers the cost of getting into the backend and performing all the boring crap like installing an SSL (ugh).

Technically anyone can use the starter site, yet it was built with the needs of EC entrepreneurs in mind so it will not be ideal for other kinds of builds. 

Well, it depends on what you want to accomplish. From my personal experience building websites for the past five years, I’ve found that the flexibility of bringing a more interactive website to life improves conversions. In terms of the EC program, Elementor Pro comes with a pop-up builder that seamlessly connects with Mailchimp. This lets you create beautiful pop-ups with amazing control over the triggers. 

Starter Sites are tools WP web designers and agencies use to optimize their development times. I simply built my own for EC and decided to open them up to the community.

The co-creator package includes hands on consultation where I will help you build the landing, consult on creative design solutions, and make sure your page looks professional. But you will still need to do some work, because part of the EC ethos is that you learn by doing. This way, you’ll own the process as well as the result of your work. 

EC LANDINGS is not directly affiliated to ENTER CHINA or BRINC, it is an independent development by a member of the community.

Any questions?

Just drop me a message on Messenger, Whatsapp or WeChat and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 


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